rendering problems always!

hi guys,

i dont mean to be mean or a troll but honestly i am tired of kdenlive. every single time i use it i have a problem rendering my videos.

i sometimes have deadlines which keep me awake for days literally and when it comes to finishing it is always a headache, a tormenting experience, especially when there is pressure of a deadline.

i need kdenlive to render in sync audio and video. this is the single most most important factor for me. i dont care about effect stacks, color correction, or other stuff. syncronicity is the essence to edit a video.

if you could at least solve this rendering problems with more frequent releases. (the people at scribus, if there is a pdf export problem they solve it and release a point version number.)

it would be nice to hear some news about the refactoring.


I agree with you. I try to render one hour video since march and no mather of kdenlive version, melt version or system version it stops after about 10 minutes of material. Its AVCHD with several effects like muting, speed efect, shine efect, volume by keyframes. Its render to mpeg. Latest fresh kdenlive install, Ubuntu 12.04. Always the same error "max analyze duration" with "melt error" message...

@farid, although I share your frustration having just spent a week trying to render to any format with recent releases of kdenlive only to find the problem was a freaking LADSPA plugin I wasn't even using nor did I have any audio in the project at the time, if you have specific problems to solve then more info is required, a bug repory as well.

@dawnak, you say AVCHD, if this is interlaced then issues may well be with ffmpeg and nothing to do with MLT or kdenlive, in fact you'd probably see no improvement anywhere with ffmpeg based NLEs including Openshot. In which case they can only wait for ffmpeg devs to solve the problem or spend valuable trying to fix it for them.

There's only so much time devs can spend on a project. If it doesn't work for us we have to wait or try alternatives like Cinelerra, or wait for Lightworks or use Windows and put our hand in our pocket, spend some cash or learn how to code and submit patches, but we can't expect devs to try fixing problems that may have already been fixed because a user provides too less information or incompatible libraries.

After that LADSPA plugin stupidity, I've had great success once again with kdenlive on a large project that didn't let me down, odd crash but great recover tool, odd audio fade wierdness on occasions but am using a git build.

hi yellow

just to let you know that i report all the bugs i encouter... i am not just complaining. ;)

did you report your ladspa bug? if yes, it should have been fixed in the latest release right? if not i think there should be more frequent releases, as in 0.9.2.x to deal with these issues.

here at the studio my partner uses cinelerra and he refuses to trade it for kdenlive for these reasons as well. i use kdenlive because i like it but it is letting me down too often and i simply cant afford to deal with these problems anymore. i will wait for the refactoring to be done and then give it a try.

my complaint was merely trying to let the devs know that i think they should focus on (which is rendering).

cheers :)

Requesting more frequent releases suggests that development is too slow, where in fact commits come every day and it's easy enough to use the build script or if on Ubuntu sunabs PPA to get near daily releases, but that is not always good for 'studio' work because insufficient time for testing can cause more instability than a well tested point release.

A point release in my opinion should be a well tested release, frequent bug fix release would be simply a git build from any day. Look at Blender for that, how many builds on every day, yet how many 'official' point releases.

I have zero issues with rendering or audio sync, luckily no doubt so if I had the inclination to suggest to devs where to concentrate and personally I think they know where then it would not be rendering. :-)

What formats do you regularly have issue with?, also when we 'render' we are actually multiplexing audio stream and video stream. Many 'profesionals' will mux their audio from another source and mux it with their video stream outside of the NLE and add whatever sync delay for audio that is required.

Have you tried narrowing down what audio / video formats to see what combinations cause issue and then established whether that is a ffmpeg, MLT or kdenlive problem. Can we expect kdenlive dev to fix big ffmpeg bugs?

Have you tried rendering just the video stream and mux outside of kdenlive for audio sync.

Have you tried remuxing a out of sync video rather than rerendering what could be an hour or more video?

I tell you what I'd rather do that than have to transcode hours of video sources or mess with EDL's to be able to use Cinelerra CV, like you, prefer kdenlive I guess. :-)