Rendering profile

I installed various render profiles but some profiles are still inactive (greyed out)HDV, AVIDV, to name a few
these profiles have other issues however MPEG-4 unsupported audio codec, H.264 unsupported video codec, flash unsupported audio codec:libmp3lame, to also name a few. What can I do to make these work?

I downloaded again the Youtube 720p optimized profile, and I made sure I had libx264 installed, it is there! I get the Unsupported video codec: libx264 error still. Anyone???

Guess no one knows, really! What is it with you Linux people anyway, every question I posted here has gone unanswered. what is up with that?

Try deleting the kdenliverc file and restart / reconfigure.

With regard to Linux people, that has nothing to do with it. No need for you to start blaming people.

No one owes you an answer, get a commercial app and buy paid support if you want guaranteed responses in what timescale you think is right.

But if you'd searched the forum first you'd find many answers to this query of your's.

I would have searched, if I knew what to call it. Other than "it don't work"
Where would I find the kdenliverc folder? I would look for it if I knew where to look.

Ok done found the file and deleted it, so far so good, now I need for find out how to change from PAL to NTSC, I can handle this I think.

Ok I looked around online and on here, so I have a question, that I didn't find an answer to. How do I change the default type from PAL to NTSC. I don't know that it matters, bit if it does can it be changed?, and how?

Ok, that's good that deleting the kdenliverc file fixed your problem.

The PAL / NTSC thing I've not got into, happy to leave all that behind, but generally at SD they differ in lines of resolution, PAL 576 vs NTSC 480, frame rate 25 vs 30, 50i vs 60i and chroma subsampling PAL 4:2:0 vs NTSC 4:1:1. At HD just framerates. 25 vs 30, 50i vs 60i.

No doubt there are more seasoned individuals here you'll provide better info on PAL / NTSC.

Kdenlive offers Project Profiles for PAL & NTSC versions for formats where differences exist, changing framerates and pulldown, I think MLT has got some support towards it but not sure if it's accessible in kdenlive yet or to the extent it's suitable for converting between PAL NTSC.

Only time I use anything but 24P is for slow motion and we're both aware of that with kdenlive I think. :-)