Rendering repeats clip frames when there is no clip in timeline

Having worked on a dozen small Kdenlive projects so far, I'm (still) having some issues, so I'm asking here for help. Maybe one or another issue may actually be a bug, but before filing bug issues, I want to make sure that the problem is not me in fact. For your information: I'm using the most recent kdenlive compilations from sunab's bleeding repository on a Kubuntu 12.04 installation.

Now for my problem: in one of my projects ( the video footage ends a few frames before the audio track ends. When rendering the project, kdenlive creates some old leftover video image frames instead of black frames after the last clip ended and while the audio track hasn't ended so far. Any way to avoid this error?

You can see this error in the aforementioned clip when you fast forward to the last, say ten or twenty frames and then single step them: first, a blind to black and in the next frames part of an older frame reappears with slightly irregular black blocks in it.

Any help greatly welcomed. And many thanks for the great work of Kdenlive!
-- TheDiveO

>the video footage ends a few frames before the audio track ends.

Yes, this is a well known problem in MTS files.

The solution (at least for me) is to cut 4 frames from the end of every clip. Maybe some camera models leave up to 6 frames without video. It's very time consuming though to cut off the frames from each clip if you have 200 clips in a project... That's why I've suggested to add a feature to kdenlive for multi-clip-cut-off (another thread in this forums).

Another (better) solution would be if the video preprocessor (melt?) detected the absence of video in the end of the MTS clip and silently just dropped the extra audio frames. But this is not adressed within the kdenlive project...

Thank very much for your answer and explanation. However there seems to be a misunderstanding which I caused by not being clear. In my case, both the video clip and the audio clip are fine and separate. So I have no need to trim them. However, in the timeline I need to arrange the clips such that the video clip ends before the audio clip. Mlt or kdenlive then renders bad video frames near the end when there ius only audio and no source video clip. It should create completely black frames, but it creates leftover video frames.

ok. Maybe you can insert black video instead of the missing video?

Yes, that is the workaround I found to be successful. But not really satisfying as it forces me to focus on manual workarounds when editing instead of focusing on my project.

Where would a bug report go to? kdenlive or mlt?

>Where would a bug report go to? kdenlive or mlt?

I'm not sure if mlt is the component that renders the MTS file, but if it is, maybe this issue could be fixed by patching mlt.

Maybe Dan or someone else can answer?