Rendering Results emtpy file when Transaction is inserted (Title Clip problem)

I am rendering (h264) without problems but when I add a Title Clip and composite transition, rendering results empty file without any errors. The same result is given changing the Transition to any other type I tried.
Also generated a script and executed from shell but the result was the same. No error mentioned, empty file created.

Any help would be appreciated..

KdenLive Version
KDE -Platform Version 4.8.2 (4.8.2)
Ubuntu 12.04LTS


I just posted about this exact problem:

Thanks for narrowing it down, as a cheap hack at least I can extract the frames from the title clips and use them instead.

Title clips being broken are a very large problem in a video editor.

Didn't see your post... even if I searched a lot about this issue...

I thought the problem was the Transition, but you are correct. Transition seems to works until a Title Clip is inserted... :(