Rendering stop when output file is 1.0 GB

Hello everybody,

I have a question that I hope somebody can answer.

I have a new video project with 34 clips that I would like to render in the standard h.264 profile. The problem is that the rendering stalls at 61% when the output file is 1.0 GB. If I try a different profile the file also stops rendering when the output file is 1.0 GB.
Btw, I don't want to use a profile that makes the file less than 1 GB - high quality is important.

I've tried to look in the forums but haven't been able to find any similar problems.

Best regards


Simple question: Is there enough memory space at the target free? :o)

There's plenty of harddisk space - what exactly do you mean with memory space, physical memory or ...?
I've also tried to change the temp folder to a partition with plenty of space (but rendering doesn't seem to use a temp folder).

By the way, it's running from a USB disk...