Rendering using MPEG-4 and MP3

I've a little problem with kdenlive: I don't now how to render a video using Xvid with MPEG-4 for the video and MP3 for the audio.
The problem is that the default setting of Xvid in Kdenlive uses AC-3 audio, and there isn't in Italy a DVD player which can play it!!!!
I've also tried to render this video using Kino and the result is perfect: it's very smaller using the same quality options (same resolution ad frames) and my DVD player can play it without any problem (Kino obviously uses Mp3 audio codec).
My question is:
is possible to render a project using Xvid MPEG-4 with optimal quality and Mp3 as audio codec??? How can I do it???
Is it possible to use ffmpeg with the same setting as Kino to render a video????

Thank you ;)


In the Export Timeline window you can add your own parameters for exporting. Just go to the Custom tab, click "New" and add your desired parameters (acodec=mp3 for example)