Rendering video for the web

I have some MPEG videos (and the occasional WMV) that I'd like to use in a video project. What video format should I specify in the project settings? How can I export the video to Ogg Theora format? I don't know much about digital video formats, so I appreciate it if someone could help me out.


I'm pretty new to Kdenlive, so take this with a grain of salt.

I too am unclear about when 'project-wide' setting is looked at or used.
Because, when you finally 'render' your project, the dialog there then ASKS
you what formatting, etc, you want.

And, likewise, on input-clips, each clip can have VARIOUS formats...each
clip internally contains info that tells Kdenlive what it is.

So, about all I put into the project-property is whether I'ts PAL or NTSC,
and so far, my final rendered output has been satisfactory. (But, as I say,
I'm a newbie, so I've only done relatively simple things with Kdenlive.)

All users of Kdenlive need to ALSO learn the various options that 'ffmpeg'
the cmd-line level underlying tool is capable of. Because, when you
later can't figure out how to get the exact FINAL properties you want,
just render into something close, and then use 'ffmpeg' to convert it
to final new properties. (Yeah, that extra step is a bit time consuming,
but over time, you can later optimize your use of various tools and extra

Hope this helps...

uploading video to youtube i use
Rendering-->Medium Quality-->mpeg4-->640x480-->Low