Repeated crashes

Kdenlive crashes after no more than 5 minutes of work. I installed via the Builder Wizard Kdenlive 0.8.3 rev. 3fc3272.
Here's the error log:

I've been using the Builder Wizard for a while now and I've experienced intermittent crashing but nothing like this. It crashes even when watching the project monitor. Hope someone can make sense out of the error log and give me hints as to what I can do to fix this problem.

Mageia 2010


More crashes. Just by moving the timeline cursor through some Pan and Zoom applied clips, Kdenlive crashes.
I've just installed the latest revision via the Builder Wizard today. It still crashes.
Does anyone know what the following error log says about why Kdenlive crashes?

Here's the latest error log:


I think its easy for us to forget that builds from git are unstable by there very nature and used for 'work' at our risk. For a more stable performance we should in theory stick to distro repository 'stable' version.

So when git builds crash we get on Mantis bug tracker, search to see if the issue has been reported, if we have coding ability we offer a patch, if not we wait for a dev to do their magic. :-)

When I say we I mean anyone using a git build for testing / work at own risk.