A requested consideration

I am an old licensed broadcast engineer. I started editing video with 2 inch quad tape and a razor blade using a solution that showed sync pulse in the oxide. We did cuts at the pulses to keep sync.

I have used many systems throughout the years. I have found that of the current software that the average individual can use comfortably is Kdenlive and OpenShot. Cinelerra may be too difficult for many to use. For broadcast quality editing I use Kdenlive. I keep to disolves, cuts, and keys, rarely using wipes.

With all the upheaval occurring in operating systems, including Linux. I am caught between a rock and a hard place because poorly made policy decisions (Gnome 3.) I am now using Gnome 3, Debian 6.03, and Ubuntu as examples of poor decision making.

All I wish to do is use my computer and do work that will help give organizations the ability to highlight their efforts. I am now fighting with my Linux computer almost as much as I did with an Apple Snow Leopard.

I have given this explanation so as to allow you to understand my request. Back in the days of DOS most of the software was self-contained. DDLs were often the link into DOS.

With the problems caused by developers, I would request that such program components such as MLT and similar pieces be included within KDEnlive. I don't care if I have several versions of software elements on my computer. But by taking the extra steps, it will mean that in Debian that we will not have to go into the SID repos to do our work with your software.

I have complained to Debian that such software components should not be in SID because of the instability of SID. Debian answer is, 'Don't use SID.'

So in essence, I see that fewer versions of Kdenlive will be needed because it will become mostly self-contained eliminating many of the problems found on the forums.

Also I would request that software again offer their software on their site as well as in repos. For me this will be the third time I am wiping my laptop and re-installing Debian because of decisions made by Debian, and Debian's modifying my computer in ways not described or authorized.

I will be reinstalling Debian Squeeze and then locking down my computer to anything being added again by Debian. By creating a fully installable version of software such as KDEnlive with everything that is needed outside of that found in the stable release of Linux distros, we will be able to do our work without having to waste time undoing things that should not have been done to our computers in the first place. As an example. I cannot keep the brightness of the screen set where I want it so that I can see the work I do. So I have to stop what I am doing and reset this setting. Now compound this problem because of kernel crashes, losing wireless connections that will only reconnect if I reboot my computer, it become more difficult to do my work. And Debian's reponse, “Don't use SID.” Then don't put MLT in SID.

An example, I tried as an experiment to install Audacity on an older version of Debian, and the software would not install in less I allowed it to install Gnome 3 and other components outside of that needed by Audacity.

This to me is unacceptable. I never believe in updating a computer because someone somewhere decided that their little pet project needed to be added to my computer, especially something that will make my work harder (Gnome 3.)

These are our computers, we control them. Somewhere along the way developers have forgotten this. I am still running a computer with Red Hat 7, I believe this was the last version before taking RH commercial. It runs solid, no problems ever and has no nonsense, either. Now if Linux distributions would use this as the model for creating current versions on Linux, many of our problems would be eliminated.

To review:
I am requesting that any components not found in stable releases be included within KDEnlive.
I am requesting that fully downloadable versions be avail on this site. Yes I can build from source, but many people cannot.

I understand this will mean additional work for you at the beginning, but I do believe it will reduce the number of problems caused by dependency issues. Why? Because everything we need is in place, making KDEnlive the most stable video editing software available.

If there are licensing issues, those components could be set independently on your sight and grabbed and installed during the installation process in a similar way that Audacity deals with MP3 issues.

Thank you for reading. Again KDEnline is rock-steady and dependable.