Restoring Default Layout

Hi, nice to meet you!

I changed my kdenlive's layout.
But I love default layout.
I want to restore default layout, however I do not know how to do it!

If you know how to do that, please tell me it!

Thanks a lot.

My PC: Ubuntu8.04
My kdenlive version is 0.6.0-svn (installed by synaptic )

See elsewhere here:


I had this also when I started with kdenlivce (now I always start with saving the defaultr layout to #1 button)

I posted this april 2007 in the old forum here

OK, managed to solve the issue.
Easiest way is just to delete the (by default hidden) kdenliverc

located in my Pardus Linux system in:

(michiel being my username, replace by your own)

Then just restart Kdenlive and a fresh default kdenliverc file will be automatically written and stored in the place where you deleted the previous one.

Mow Kdenlive has started up in the original " three-subwindows-in-one-main-window" interface.

Afterwards I IMMEDIATELY SAVED the default layout as layout 1 ;-)

To medman !

I did what you advised me .
After that, restoring default layout sucessfully!!!

But, I should have read past Users Forums before asking you...
I aplogize...

Anyway, Thank you for your advice!
See you.