Reuse titles?

Can I somehow use titles from one project in another?

I've got a lot of titles with scene number info and such and would like to reuse them as this would save me tons of work.

Hi rylleman,

It's just an idea:
1. open the project file (with the titles) with a text editor
2. copy the relevant "kdenlive_producer"- XML nodes in the file ("). But only the nodes with the word 'kdenlivetitle' in it
3. paste it in the new project file directly below "" before the first kdenlive_producer

Don't forget to make backup files of your projects before testing.

Best regards

For straight forward title clips :-

Create your title clip and move it to the timeline. Place timeline pointer over it so it shows in the project monitor. Right click in the monitor and select 'Extract Frame' and save using the default .png suffix. When you want to use it, drag or add it to you project tree then to the timeline. You can use it on its own or with fade in and out. To use it over a clip, select the title's Clip Properties and check the 'Transparent background'. Use the Transition 'Addition' with fade in and out if you like.

Whew! that all sounds more difficult than it really is.

There are buttons in the title widget to save/load it to/from an external file (.kdenlivetitle)

Thanks you all.

I'll try ebels suggestion as I want them as titles still, not as images and besides, with both normcross's and ttills suggestions I have to manually individually export or import the titles which is about the same amount of work as creating new ones from scratch...

@ttill, That's brilliant!. When did they sneak in? Must have been fairly recent though, or do I just need new glasses :-)

@rylleman, I see your point if you have masses of them.

I tried ebels suggestion and did some copy pasting between the two scene files.
I had to copy the producers from two places, first in the producers list, then at the bottom of the document.
At the first place all titles producers were listed in order so I just had to select all and copy paste. At the second place the producers seems to be listed in order of creation so I had to find all titles entrys manually and copy paste them in batches.
I also copied the folder info for rthe folder where the titles are located.

It was much less work than recreating them manually as new titles but still much hassle. There should definitely be some way to import assets from one scene to another. I'll do a feature request about this.

Hi rylleman,

glad that my suggestion works.

Because I have a similar problem I have written a small script (in python) which allows to join two (or more) project files into one new (with all clips and titles). I have to test it, fix some bugs and will publish it the next days here in the forum.

Best regards

Cool ebel! Looking forward to that!

I was wondering if this would effect the quality of the titles as they can be pretty temperamental at times?

You can use Melt from the command line:

melt -profile atsc_1080p_24 colour:black -filter watermark:"+This text is your~title content.~Newlines are~represented by tildes..txt" producer.align=centre composite.valign=c composite.halign=c -consumer xml:MyTitle.xml

Now MyTitle.xml can be added to the Kdenlive project tree like any other clip.

Different profile names are found in /usr/share/mlt/profiles/