Reverse playing - How to play clip backward in 0.7.1?

I look for the speed effect in Kdenlive 0.7.1 in order to run the clip backward, but there is no such effect in this version.

I use the kdenlive that is packaged for the ubuntu 8.10 (from the ppa launchpad that hosts it).


Does someone know this issue, or is it a specific problem from ubuntu package (which first come from debian marillat repo)?


Thanks in advance for your answer.


Same question. I'm running on Archlinux so I've got what I guess are the latest-and-greatest stable packages: kdenlive, mlt 0.3.6, etc.

I have the "change clip speed" option, but its dialog box takes just one parameter: the speed in percentages, and doesn't allow it to be set to a negative value.

same problem here. kdenlive built from svn with builder wizard, 0.7.2 (rev 3213)

This is possible in MLT (your mileage may vary with clips of certain type). I will try to expose it in kdenlive.

Any news on the implementation of the backward playing ? (I'm using 0.7.7 on a new real project, and missing this feature)