The Rhine Gorge

After all the moaning I've been doing lately, I thought It's time to post a bit of my rubbishy work on here :-)

This is an excerpt from a recent cruise we had on The Rhine, Germany. This is The Rhine Gorge and it's many castles. Did I just see some faces drop?. All Kdenlive of course. Starts a little slow because of the music but does speed up somewhat.

It actually has two of the best clips I took.
2min 20sec in, I caught the Rhine's three modes of transport in one shot, road, river and rail.
5min 20sec in, near the end, slow three dimensional movement . I think I like this the best.
Well, they look good full screen.

Ok, here's a little silly one. A young lad flying a kite with a home made buggy attached. Spur of the moment, jumped out of my van and took some clips. Windy and cold.