Rolling edit

One feature that final cut and avid have that I would love in kdenlive is a rolling edit. This is a tool where you click in between two clips on the time line and you can drag the out point of the first clip and the inpoint of the second without any other clips being effected.

It's very good, specially when you're doing multi camera work and have to always maintain the action's time across an edit point.

This is a very good idea. Actually the best would be to have a monitor window showing the first clip and another monitor window showing the second clip, to be able to precisely edit the respective out and in points.
I asked about that in a previous post few months ago but had no response. I called that a "trim function", which is probably not the appropriate word...

In Premiere Pro the image in the Program (Timeline) monitor becomes divided in two smaller monitors showing what you suggest, when you drag in between the two clips. But I don't know if this is technically feasible with Kdenlive monitor windows, though.