rotate 90º degree?

Hello, i am new on kdenlive and in video editing too, i am tryn to rotate 90º a MOV file. I draged the rotate effect and apply a 9 on X line, but the output is the mov rotating ALL the time, and i just want to rotate all the file one time (the video is maded with a vertical position and i want to put it horizontally), how can i do?? thank you very much, please excuse my english,

You may try avidemux
which is perfect for this kind of exercice.

thank you very much, i installed avidemux, but i cant open the .mov file, how can i do??? its a pitty that kdenlive cant do something that seems so simple, i am not familiar with this kind of software but i find kdenlive so robust and easy to use, its like a f1 with out a wheel! thank you again,

Perhaps you could file a feature request at our issue tracker: - thats where we track feature requests. (Among other things.).