Rotate and crop

I'm trying to edit a video where the camera was tilted the whole time. I used the rotate effect which does what I'd expect, including leaving angled black edges. I then used the crop effect to try to get rid of them, but it only seems to make them worse despite zooming in on the video. The more I crop, the bigger they get. It looks like maybe it's cropping it before the rotate regardless of the order in the effects stack. Any solutions?

Although it is not very intuitive, you can use the "Affine" transition. it has rotation, zoom and position parameters that will allow to precisely adjust your video.


I'm having the same problem (I'm using a recent git checkout). The problem with using a transition is that you cannot apply it to a (single) clip, so this is a nasty constraint that also produces quite some overhead (I guess).

Is this an error of kdenlive or of the plugins (frei0r? mlt?)
Also, is it only for the rotate/crop, or a general problem with the sequence of effects?

Ah, I should also read other google results. The explanation and solution(*) can be found in an old thread:

(*) Solution is to use 'pan and zoom' instead of crop after the rotate