Rotate effect [solved]

I noticed that I have 2 rotate effects, one that is key-frameable. Now my problem is that the key-frameable is not affecting the image/video whatsoever. It did once or twice, but turning the image only very slightly (what units are these parameters ? Certainly not degrees, which is the unit I woudl expect for rotations...).

The other rotation effect seems to do something, but I find it impossible to make sure it starts at a particular angle and ends at another specific angle so that the transition then matches the next clip.

Any good experience with any of those video effects ?


in the keyframable rotate effect 1 unit = 1/10 degree.

positive values rotates clockwise, negative rotates anticlockwise.

to rotate 90 degrees apply rotate X = 900

I see.
Does it work for images? I seem to have applied rotations to the max (1800, i.e. 180 degrees then) but the image is still not moving.

Yes it works with images, can you provide a screenshot?

Ok. It seems to work. I have compiled mlt, ffmeg, frei0r and kdenlive from source (all svn) and the effect is visible when editing the video. But when rendering, it's lost. Not sure if something is wrong in my setup (all other effects I have used work fine). I've had it working at some point (I have a DV file with it ...) but it does not seem to get it right now.

Just did a quick test and rotate works fine here.

Try to create a very simple project (with only one image or one small video clip). Then apply rotate effect and try to render. Does it work? If it does not, create a bug report and attach your project file and the picture or clip used so that we can debug this. If it works, try to remove clips / transitions from the project that has the bug so that you can find what causes the bug and report it here...


Woops. I had kdenlive use an outdated /usr/bin/melt (I installed it in /usr/local/bin). Now the rotation works.