Rotate (keyframable) crashing constantly

My system is running Kdenlive 0.9.2 with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Dell 1420 Inspiron laptop.

I have a rather large JPEG still image (4016x2690) with which I am trying to create a spin animation over several seconds with accelerated rotation in the X axis. Every 5 frames I am adding an increment which is larger by 2 each time, i.e.:

keyframe | Rotate X (Y and Z are always 0 as are the offsets)
00:00:00:00 | 0
00:00:02:00 | 0 (start rotation here...)
00:00:02:05 | 20
00:00:02:10 | 42
00:00:02:15 | 66
00:00:02:20 | 92
00:00:03:00 | 120

etc. (project is HD 1080p 25fps).

After I have added several keyframes like this, Kdenlive will freeze for several seconds and then crash. Always! When I reopen the project in Kdenlive and click Yes to recover auto-saved files, I find that several rotation values are off by 1, whereas they should all be even numbers.

Is this some kind of rounding error? Taking a quick look at the project file in a text editor, I see numbers like this:

<property name="transition.rotate_x">0=0;50=0;55=2;60=4.2;65=6.6;70=9.2;75=11;80=14;85=17.2;90=20.6;95=24.2;100=28;105=32;110=36.2;115=40.6;120=45.2;125=50;130=55;135=60.2;140=65.6;141=71.2;145=77;150=83;155=89.2;160=95.6;165=102.2;170=109;175=116;180=123.2;185=130.6;190=138.2;195=146;200=154;205=162.2;210=170.6;215=179.2;216=180;217=-180;220=-172;225=-163;230=-153.8;235=-144.4;240=-134.8;245=-125;250=-115;255=-104.8;260=-91.4;265=-80.4;270=-69.2;275=-57.7;280=-46.2;285=-34.3;290=-22.3;295=-10.1;298=-0.1;300=2.2;305=14.8;310=27.6;315=40.6;320=53.7;325=67.2;330=80.7;335=94.5;483=94.5</property>

So it looks like the numbers are in degrees with fractions instead of tenths of a degree as in the input widget, but basically there is no other conversion going on that I can see which would introduce rounding errors. But if the data is read into some floating-point type at program startup, this would possibly introduce such errors. I would expect to see this data persisted as integers, exactly the way it is input by the user.

I can live with the crashing if need be, but I'd rather not have the program change my numbers behind my back.