Rotate video 360 degrees

I would like to take a video of a symbol I have and have it rotate around clockwise 360 degrees.

I have looked in the rotate/sheer settings and I see keyframeable rotation available. I set my keyframes (one at beginning of video, One at end) and set the x rotation to max (1800) and it only rotates 180 degrees. So, Im doing something pretty wrong here. I have looked thru the sparse documentation and have found nothing on this. I guess I dont understand. Would be nice to know how to do this???

If someone knows could you please fill me in or show me where to find the answer? I dont see anything on google either.



Rotate 360 is the same as do nothing.

Hi northpoint,

to rotate by 360 degrees within 10 seconds set keyframes like this:

            rotate x 
00:00:00:00    0
00:00:05:00   1800
00:00:05:01  -1800
00:00:10:00    0

Cheers, Achim

Thank you al25fps,

Sometimes you just have to ask :)

You know, I should be good enough to post my finished video. :)

Nice work! I enjoyed that. Well put together, I now see why you wanted the 360 deg. turn and it looked good.