Rotating Video Effect?

At 20 seconds the title screen turns into a paper airplane and flies off.

Then the album cover appears and then the whole thing starts shifting and rotating to different things from photos to video clips etc. Do you know what effects are used here?

Also what video effect is used in this video....

Please respond, Thanks!

Can't view that in Firefox 366, says "Viewing this content requires Silverlight."

Convert your stuff into something legible!

Well, you just need Javascript to watch it. No Silverlight needed. Works fine with Firefox here.

> Convert your stuff into something legible!

Why so agressive ?

I guess it's been done with a Composite-Software like After Effects or the like. Hard and time consuming to do this with KDenlive, I assume.

I did not mean to be aggressive, just annoyed by yet another obstacle to video openness.

I do not know what "silverlight" is, and whether it is really required to view the above video or not - if I get a message saying that I need it, I wont go researching if that's true and/or downloading some crap, just to see some video of a person requesting a comment... It is his responsibility to make it easy for the people who might want to help... And this is a forum about open source video, so people might get prickly by things smelling of proprietary software...

Both my browsers (FF and Konqueror) have no problem showing video from a zillion other sites, like anything from youtube to xnxx...
Standards are there for a reason - Yes, I know an agreement on browser video was not (yet) reached, but it is well known what the "de facto" standards are...

(and I do have Java script enabled...)

Video Openness ?

Get real, there will never be such thing as "openess" in the Video market. Never was, never is, never will be. Anyway, as I said - it works fine with my latest Firefox.

Silverlight (or the lack of) has nothing to do with the videos the threadstrater linked in his posting. Are you also complaining if a web site says "You need Flash to continue" ?

Maybe you could be more open minded about other things than your own stuff. Silverlight (Microsoft) is the same as Flash (Adobe). And we all use Flash, right ? Both are standards on web sites now. So, no need to get angry about it. Live with it.


I watched the videos again and tried to make a quick setup with my After Effects on my Windows machine. Looks pretty simple but it isn't :) I will try to get a similar result with KDenlive ...

I am not able to view the videos on Chrome/Linux. I get the same message for Silverlight.

Same here, but it also makes my left screen start flashing black... You should probably just post the video on Youtube or Vimeo.

You can see video if you install VLC add-on for FireFox. When you install this add-on you will see error message, but you will also be able to see video. Doesn't work for Chrome.