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I return because I need to make make a rotation on an axis other than the center of the image has a clip titrates. I made an image with a reflection that j' integrated has a " clip titre" with a horizontal displacement, however I will like that this reflection turns on him even on an axis defines by me and not the center of the image thus I seek but I turn in round for the moment! Thank you for your answers. Unless it is necessary that I use another log…

A small bond towards my tests history to illustrate more precisely. The goal being to pass the luminous glare turning of the sequence " 2" on the axis of the luminous glare top of the sequence " 1" .

(Sorry i' m french and I uses the electronic translator ! )

French:( )

Thank's .

If you have the letters in one track and the glare effect (centered) in a second track, maybe you could just apply normal rotate to it (glare in track 2) and then use composite to move it over the first track?

Thank's Marko the placement is ok on the "2" to the rotation but i don't have the deplacement . :-(

for the preceding example in the video I use the transition "diaporama" . the composite transition places correctly but does not move .

i search ...

You can use keyframes with composite. The "add keyframe" (not sure how it's called in French) button is above between the two arrow buttons in the transition control window.

BIG thank's Marco ...

it's OK !