save as a .wmv file

I have friends the use Windows and sometimes cant open a AVI file, how do I save as a WMV file.

Rich Prim

Not sure that you can do this. But surely if you render to some sort of Xvid .avi format file your windows users will be able to play it.

On the other hand a search suggests the ffmpeg can produce .wmv

and you can create custom render profiles in kdenlive

and kdenlive uses ffmpeg to render.

So armed with this info maybe you could do this.

Windows Media Player is rubbish. Download and install the following packages:

  • MPC-HC: A light-weight media player.
  • ffdshow: A comprehensive codec pack -- basically, ffmpeg integrated into the Windows DirectShow framework.

I can't remember the last time I had a file this combo couldn't play. This should address all your media viewing needs, and you need never waste your time and energy with obsolete WM[AV] files again.