Saving sound clips

After splitting the audio from a video clip, how does one then save the audio? I want to clean it up in Audacity.


I am not sure you can actually do that at the moment. You may want to file a feature request.

Thanks. I'll do that.


You can strip out the audio from most video and save it as a wav with Avidemux, completely separate from Kdenlive, as I recall.

Actually WinFF (it was in the Ubuntu repos) extracts a wav file from my HF100 .mts files almost instantly, super super easy. Very cool. And based on ffmpeg. Better that Avidemux.

I think this is new to 0.7.4, but I notice that in the render dialog, there is a Destination labeled Audio only, making it super easy to export any selected region or the whole project as a single wav.

In addition to the Audio Only destination, if you want a compressed output, then create a custom profile from something that exists, and add "vn=1" to the Parameters.