scaling and zooming algorithms?

i'm running 0.8.3.

i'm wondering what type(s) of scaling kdenlive uses? normally if i zoom-in i'd want some fancy scaling algorithm to "fill in the blanks" and make the zoomed-in video look good (sometimes this means sharp, other times it means smooth). but i'm planning to do some camera comparison videos and i want the zoomed-in footage to be just zoomed in without any type of optimization.

can anyone tell me how kdenlive handles this? are there options that affect it?


bicubic I think, no options exposed that i know of.

Corners lets you chose the algo, but it is a bit clumsy to get a straight zoom.

good to know about "corners", i wouldn't have thought to look there and it's not something i've used before. yeah, it looks like it can do the job, but clumsy is the right word ;)

i guess someday we'll see those interpolation methods as a drop-down in the regular zoom and scale functions, but at least i know where to find them, for now.

for pixel-peeking and video camera comparisons, i guess "Nearest Neighbor" is what i want.