Screen Grab Does nothing...

Hello Everyone,
Today I decided to use screen grab to record segments of my desktop to make a tutorial on how to do something for my father that lives across the state as opposed to driving there. I wanted to use Kdenlive because it has some other neat features that would be handy in future projects.
Upon opening the program and clicking Record Monitor followed by the record button nothing happened. I was not able to select a region or nothing the button just made like it was being pushed and did nothing.
I was wondering if there was a way to get screen grab to work and if anybody else was having the same issues.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If the button looks sunken it should record. What happens if you press the button again? Does it say something like encoding captured video?
By default it records the whole screen, if you only want to use a region click on the config button next to the record button and change "full screen capture to region capture.

Also recordmydesktop is (in my opinion) not the best solution for screen capturing. ffmpeg is (far) better, but it involves the use of the terminal (no gui).

Didn't know it is possible to do a screen capture with ffmpeg. Looks very promising and it would be great to make this usable with a GUI in Kdenlive.
I will put this on my ToDo List for the next two months.

This is a bug in kdenlive. Next Version will fix this.

Same issue here. Hitting the record button does nothing, it does not 'sink' nor change color. No message is displayed.
Post #4 says it's a bug, but in a later post he got it working, so I guess it must be a config issue here as others can pull this off.
Using Ubuntu 10.4, installed via Synaptic.
recordmydesktop is installed and works thru the GTK front end.
I just installed this tonight (and loving it btw) so I'm guessing I'm missing a supporting file.
This is low priority, I can wait til 9/13 for the new version if you think that will resolve the issue.
Thanks for a great app!

NVIDIA Driver Version: 195.36.24
Graphics Processor: GeForce 8400 GS
Display Devices: TV-0 (TV-0), CRT-1 (CRT-1)
Twinview display mode
Also tested in single monitor mode, same results.

Ubuntu 10.4
Kernel: 2.6.32-24-generic
Gnome: 2.30.2
AMD Athlon II X2 250 (Dual Core)
2.0 Gig RAM
300+ Gig HD Space available

If there is any other info I can provide feel free to contact me.

This is a version compatibility bug - recordmydesktop changed its command line parameters in a backwards-incompatible way. Just run recordmydesktop manually - with a GUI frontend if you prefer.

Thanks for the reply, now I can stop searching for that missing package that isn't really missing :)
I installed most of the packages at:
before I realized that was just for compiling from source :)

Thanks again for the great program, I tested and failed on about 5 other video apps before finding this one tonight and it's easily the best one out there. Can't wait for 7.8 next week.