SCYLLA: Short film with six sound tracks

Hi, everybody.

I've recently finished my new short film called Scylla. I used kdenlive and I am very pleased with this piece of software. In the making time of it, I'ver learned many things and used several (6) sound channel tracks, with more or less 100 % success. I missed, though, the possibility of panning sounds, feature that I've been said it will be included in next realeases.

Hope you like my work. If anyone needs help, please contact me.

Scylla has subtitles in 10 languages, but the main sound track is in spanish.

The link:

Hola a todos.

He terminado hace poco mi nuevo cortometraje, realizado totalmente en kdendlive y en general estoy bastante satisfecho del programa. Durante el montaje he aprendido bastantes cosas del programa y he usado varias pistas (6) de sonido. He echado de menos poder hacer panoramas con el sonido, posibilidad que parece estará disponible en breve.

Espero que os guste mi trabajo y, si alguien necesita ayuda, pues a pedirla...

Escila está subtitulado en 10 idiomas pero el sonido base es en español.

En enlace:

It's good to see Kdenlive actually being used ;) Nice job.

(As for panning sounds, I wouldn't expect for the next release... Although so much is going in at the moment it's not impossible !)

Very nice, good job man! I guess that the music and the speech are original. Did you recorded separately? I read you used Audacity. Can't you pan audio within Audacity? Eventually you can try Ardour, you can even automate pan.

All the music and sound effects are original and recorded separetely. The last song is a composition of some friend's group. For sure you can pan with Audacity, but it woud be very difficult to synchronize. I'll try Ardour, seems to be very good and, I didn`t knew it!

Ok, I understand that syncronize is the problem. Anyway, Ardour is a PROFESSIONAL audio editor. Yes, it is very good.

Just an FYI: I routinely build, test, and use Ardour2 and Ardour3 for my audio recording. Lately I've been working with Ardour3 in a version prepared for Robin Gareus's video timeline patch. Very cool stuff, though I must emphasize that there are no video editing capabilities. The timeline is for strict synchronization of audio and video events, and it works very nicely. Btw, Ardour3 is NOT publicly available, not even in an alpha version, and it's a non-trivial task to build it. I simply wanted to note that it is indeed a professionally-capable audio editor that may someday include limited support for video tracks. If you want to use Ardour for your audio purposes you'll want to use a stable version of Ardour2.

Syncing between Ardour and Kdenlive might get easier in the future when we get jack support some day.
There already has been some work on this:

Does Jack transport sync between a video editor and audio editor really work that well and useful? I am think about the fact that the audio from video is tightly coupled with that video, and when the video is edited, what about the audio? What does trying to use both tools at the same time imply for workflows?

@ddennedy : Yes, it worked quite nicely in my tests with OpenMovieEditor and Blender.