"SDL failed to open audio: No available audio device"

I posted this message a few days ago at the "Audio Effects" forum, following and old thread, but haven't got any response so far. PulseAudio is installed and audio works fine in other apps, such as Amarok, Audacity, Kopete, Skype, etc. Any help is welcome.

Bump? I still get this message on the statusbar whenever I play a clip...

check what which SDL audio packages are installed, maybe you have to install sdl-pulse or sdl-alsa

There are many packages with "sdl" in KPackageKit, but none together with "pulse" or "alsa". Could it be the libsdl-sound1.2 (Decoder for several sound file formats for SDL), which is not installed?

Thanks for your reply.


I installed the package libsdl.2debian-all and everything is working fine now.

Thanks all for your interest.