Secondary clip layout mode - tiled icons representing clips

It would be nice to have an overview of all the clips in order, but each only a single frame/image in 'length'. The purpose wouldn't be to see how long clips are or what effects are applied and where (effects could maybe be represented with watermark-type icons), but rather the purpose is to better see the overall layout of the current storyline.

I think this is kind of how Kino does it, and maybe Windows Movie Maker. I take issue with both of those programs, for one reason (non-intuitive-ness) or another (closed-source with limited export options and OS compatibility), and I don't want to lose KDEnlive's currently-great setup. I would just like to augment it with another viewpoint of the timeline. This view would also help to rearrange/grab the very small clips that require extreme zooming to be able to manipulate, as well as present any obvious errors in the timeline (wrong order or missing/extra clip)

I think something like this was mentioned in the redesign contest, and i for one really would rather not lose KDEnlive's great design to _only_ this method of timeline editing. But adding it would be nice.