Separate the stereo to two mono


I registered my clip with two microphone. And in Kdenlive this appear like a stereo audio. But I have to separate it because there is one ambiance and one normal mic.
Do you know how to do that?

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I think this is not possible yet. Would be achievable if we had a audio pan filter.
Maybe try separating it in a external app before importing to kdenlive.

Not really possible right now... The "stereo to mono" effect copies the left channel to the right channel, it would be nice to have a few options to simply remove one channel, copy right to left etc.

Well of course an "Audio pan" would be even better !

In the meantime, the easiest solution is just to use Audacity to seperate the audio into several files.

Dan now added a basic (only stereo) pan filter to MLT git.
In "stereo to mono" he also added the option to choose the channel to copy from. Additionally a swap audio channel and a audio balance filter/effect.
So separating the audio channels (stereo) should be possible with the next release.

Trying to do the same thing as the original poster (get rid of a bad stereo channel).

Can't find that "Stereo to Mono" effect mentioned above, or was it only added to MLT?

Otherwise, tried with "copy channels", but can't get what I want (copy one of the original channels to both output channels).

Thinking a little about this, I have a proposal here (feature request maybe...)
It would make many an audio operation much easier, and open new possibilities.

When splitting audio from a video that has multiple audio channels, it should be posible to separate each audio channel from the video track into an own mono timeline audio track.
Simply, in addition to the "split audio" menu choice, there could be an additional "split and separate audio" menu item.

Also, when importing a stereo (or 5.1 or whatever) audio file, it should be possible to request that each channel should become a separate mono timeline audio track.

Maybe, when importing or splitting audio this way, there could be a default pan effect created on each timeline track, to put the audio in the corresponding output audio channel, so that without user intervention, stereo would keep playing correctly.