Share Custom CineStyle Presets.

Hello, I am a new user of Kdenlive. I'm starting to use a Canon camera T3i/600d with Technicolor CineStyle profile. A few days ago I found in this forum a custom file that recreates the CineStyle LUT published by Technicolor for software like Adobe Premiere. That gives me the idea that you could create a section in this forum to share "CineStyle Presets" for Kdenlive. The idea is not new, the guys of Newmann Films do it for After Effects, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere:
Maybe soon we would have enough good looking cinematic presets to match those that exist for these programs.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

I have a preset that I recreated in 0.9 that I call "Urban". It's based on a sepia tone that I have been using on one of my projects. I'd be willing to share it. I shoot with a Canon 60D with the CineStyle profile.

By the way, grouping effects and saving them out is awfully handy. Thanks Kdenlive. :)