Sharing title templates: how ??


in another topic "title template aligning doesn't work" (, I complained about the the fact when using a title template with a variable the aligning doesn't work.

I decided to make a few title templates like they are now available for kdenlive.
But .... I have no idea how to share title templates (in case anyone would like them of course ;) ).
On the website under "Contribute", you can share mlt profiles, rendering profiles, wipe images and you have a few more options, but no title templates.

I created a number of what I call "fading_titlebar_color" title templates,where color means the color of the titlebar. The text doesn't work with a variable which you can use to supply a text.
This makes using these templates a bit slower, but it also allows for modifying font, size and color of the text.
(For the time being) I created a white template (my personal default), a green, a purplish blue and a black one.

See attached video for an example. Anyone interested? In that case I will search further how to enable (for everyone) to share his title templates, and maybe via the "Contribute" menu.

And of course I don't mean my templates only. I hope that a lot of contributed title templates are much better then mine and I will gladly use those ones instead of mine.