Short Film with many effects

Edited with kdenlive 0.7.8 Short Film with many effects

Best regards

Hah! I have one last, lone bottle of home-brewed Kolsch-style beer. I'll need to watch your clip again tonight while having that last Kolsch! I hope that while you were on vacation filming, you had an opportunity to sample some great beers (I'd like to do the same some day).

That is quite some visual effects sampling, pretty cool.

Dear callmebruce,

you are invited to come to Cologne (Germany) and drink with me a real Kölsch (Cologne german) beer. A kdenlive editor is always welcomed at my home.

Best regards

I'm just trying to learn basic video editing with Kdenlive. Enjoying viewing other folks videos to get ideas and see how they were done. But real Kolsch? In Cologne Germany? That is awesome!