Short underwater video

I edited a short video for a friend in order to show him that we could get colors back from those greenish footages we captured during our trip to Egypt.
I played around with the white balance correction and it did change things. In the end I just used RVB adjustments, cranked up the reds and lowered the blues and greens.
This was shot with a Panasonic LX3 (720p) and most of the time with no additional light.

Here is the original footage (for HD viewing you need to go fullscreen and hit the HD button)

And here is the corrected one:

Beautiful footage! I'm going to Egypt!

Edit: well...maybe after the revolution settles down...


How did you do the color-correction? Clip by clip?

Bravo! I love the video subject and the edition as well

At the time I edited the footage it was pretty straightforward. Selected a clip in the timeline and adjusted RGB (increase R and lower GB) until I see something acceptable.

Now here comes the bad news. I'm working on a new small video and can no longer apply the above technique with recent SVN builds. Even tried with the stock footage from the movie above but couldn't use RGB adjustment anymore to remove the green cast...Grrr.. What do I do know?

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