Slide effect as seen on clip


Does Anybody have an idea on how to create the slide effect seen on clip:!/blogs/open-house/Designer-Living--Ins...

between time markers 3.09 to 3.12 ?

Any advice is much appreciated


Seems to be a composition of a few effects.

Zooming into the current clip (pan, scan, zoom or composite (like Ken Burns))
while dissolving to the animated split screen. All done quickly.

Animated split screen:
The split screen has been described a couple of times here. Arrange the clips on a white color clip for the borders between the clips (place the color clip int the upmost track), and the animated clips on the tracks below (use composite transition and the "with track" option). Per track, apply the keyframeable effect to place the clips (pan, scan, zoom or so...) and animate each clip separately to move up or down.

Then dissolve to the next scene while zooming the incoming frame from near to far (just the other way round, as in the intro). Maybe also zoom the running clip while dissolving.

It will be a bunch of work, because you will have to arrange lots of effects and transitions. I think the effect lives from the speed while dissolving, so do not be too slow.

I do not have kdenlive available now - that is why I am not sure about the effect names, but they are there and you will find them. ;-)

Cheers, Achim


Thanks for your valuable input. Will try it out

Best Regards