Slider Selection Tool

The slider selection tool in Camtasia allows you to select pieces of clips using the selection tool.
As it stands now, I cannot use Kdenlive. I can't select certain parts of clips to delete, and there is no delete tool.
Please implement this feature, it's shown in many demos of Camtasia, and it's simply vital.


Calling "vital" a feature that I've actually never seen in a video editing program (having used Vegas, Premiere and a few others) seems slightly exagerated. (the feature might exist but I've never used something like that or seen it used)

I'm not even quite sure what use it would be be... The only case where it would make sense is for deleting a section in the middle of a clip. Would it then delete the selected portion and stick the left and right parts of the clip together or leave a gap between them ? It could be interesting to edit a long sequence I suppose.

Anyway, using the knife tool you can do exactly the same thing, in more steps but also with more control over what you are doing (cut beginning, cut end, delete section).

As for a delete tool... have you tried your keyboards delete key ?

New ideas and tools could always be welcome, but calling this "vital" seems to be an excess.

I use it to delete sections in the middle of clips, such as dead air, "ums" and lag in the recording. (Very frequent) It wouldn't stick the clips together, it would leave a gap. You could resize the clips in the timeline to fill the space, or just push them together. I just need to be able to select part of a clip, without having to split the clip in two. It's not necessary, but, at least for me, it's very useful.
It's a bit like combining the green bar thingy and the current slider, to make the interface more simple.

Why wouldn't you want to simply split the clip then resize the newly created clips ? (or cut twice, delete then move clips)

As far as I can see there isn't much difference at all.

I suppose one idea would be to add the feature to the knife tool. If you click once, it cuts the clip, if you click and drag (maybe holding Ctrl for as well for instance) it deletes the part you drag it over. Why not...

sounds good to me.
I haven't seen something like this in other video apps before, but I've used similar tools in audio editing programs like Audition, and it'd definitely be useful.

Great. So, will this be added? Or do I have to PM someone? Or add a feature request to the bug tracker?

It would be useful to add a detailed feature request in the bug tracker, in order to keep track of it.

Whether or not it is added will depend on whether a developer finds time to do so, and how difficult to implement it would be. I would consider this feature low priority, compared to quite a lot a other missing features and bugs.

I wouldn't expect it soon if I were you...