Smooth Preview


I was wondering if is it someway in which when playing the preview from the timeline (in the project monitor) could be more smooth ???  perhaphs been able to change the resolution of the preview so it would less hardware demanding? Like in After effects that you can ask draft medium or high preview?? or something like that..


I found a bit messy the way to play with opaccities in clips and or layers (actually I find a bit messy all the way in which you can play with effects for compositing) I think the potential is there but need a more consistent way to make understand where are putting an effect on (hope it makes sense what I am trying to express (sorry if english is not my first language but I am trying) many thanks really I think Kdenlive would become a great product (no doubts) !!


best luck and I will keep trying to make videos in order to practice and to promote such a great software:

here is my first test: