Smoother Animations (like Pan and Zoom)

I'd like to see some kind of "Bézier curves" effect for the Pan and Zoom effect in regards to motion. By "Bézier curves" I'm not talking about the image contrast filter. I'm talking about making animation (Moving left/right/up/down or zooming) more smooth by having exponetial start and end between every keyframe.

Right now, If I have a logo with the pan and zoom effect activated, using 4 evenly spaced keyframes, If I put 50% size on keyframe 1 and 2 and I put 100% size on Keyframe 3 and 4. The Logo will go from stationary to full speed when it reaches keyframe 2, when it reaches keyframe 3 it will come to a "sudden" halt, which is very mechanical in appearance.

Here's a videolink (youtube) where I illustrate what I mean

I wouldn't mind full control (editing the curves myself), but it would require more work to implement in terms of GUI, so I'd settle with a "Lazy Man's" version where maybe one would control the amount of smooth motion with a slider, and it will be applied to all keyframes next to each other that differ in any way.

If the Lazy Man's version is ever implemented, make it so that the slider accepts negative values as well as positive, and 0 is default (0 = no motion smoothing)

+1 for this (again). This suggestion has come up before...

But I wish it would get more votes. It's the first thing I look for whenever I try out a new editor. As far as I can tell, Cinelerra is the only one that has it among the non-professional editors I've looked at. I have no idea how much work it would take to implement but, if it could be done, it would really make Kdenlive stand head and shoulders above any other editor out there.

Kdenlives Keyframing System needs a whole rewrite ;)

But it is not in focus of the developers I think because there are many others, much more urgent things to do.

I'm wondering if there are any funding system where the money are "ear marked" so to speak.

Like, if a bunch of people want to see this feature, they can donate money specially towards this feature. And the developers don't get access to the money until the feature is implemented.

Maybe a bad idea?

Money rules the world - apparently in »uncommercial« software, too.

I do not like this idea, because it puts the money spenders into a very powerful position. They decide what to implement and they decide when the feature is like THEY want it before they release the money. And it puts non money spenders into a poor position, because they will have to wait longer for their feature requests to be fulfilled. But: I am not a developer of Kdenlive.

I think that you are clearly missing the principles of open source.

Please respect the huge amount of leisure time which all developers are investing here.

But back to the feature:
+1 from me.

The interpolation of values between keyframes is today strict linear.
Is is not possible, to provide at least one alternative algorithm with a variable called acceleration?
Interpolated start and end value must be the same, but the velocity towards the end value is near start and endpoint below the linear value and in the middle above. (sinus like velocity controlled by variable value)
Just an idea.

Well, I'm not suggesting kdenlive should go commersial. But as far as I know, there is nothing wrong in funding open source projects. I do realize that what I suggested is a little different than just normal funding.

But from a hobbyist and open source loving perspective, I can donate as much money as economically feasible, without ever seeing the specific functionality I want. In such a circumstance, it would in most cases be more economical for me to go with a closed source product which I know already have the functionality I seek.

I'd rather throw my money at open source alternatives, where as many people as possible can benefit from the code that my funding enables.

I'm not all that familiar with the kdenlive developer(s), but the current rate of progress suggests it is a small team who is not working full time. What ever the dev-situation is, more funding could change it. And I think people would be more motivated to fund if the funding could be paired with feature requests.