Snapshot from 1080 60i video

I usually shoot 1080 24p. I was collecting some pictures to put together onto a slideshow DVD for family and wanted to include scenes from video. Getting a frame as a png from 24p video was easy and good quality.

Some of my video happens to be 1080 60i (when you happen to switch camera to Auto mode it resets this). Trying to perform the same steps (extract frame from clip monitor) for 60i video leaves me with some not nice interlaced effects. (horizontal lines).

Viewing the same video from VLC I can stop the video at my desired "snap" and use "Video > Take SnapShot" tool to get the nice looking composition.

Clearly I am not understanding interlace and de-interlace very well, I think I know the basics.

Can I get a nice "snapshot" from kdenlive on 60i video?


Have you tried extracting a frame from either monitor? What version of kdenlive are you using? Latest versions offers deinterlace methods and interpolation quality control for monitor preview and image extraction.

Although even old vertions of kdenlive use Yadif deinterlace and bicubic interpolation anyway which was pretty reasonable.

I'm using 0.9.6 from sunab.

Extracting a frame from the clip monitor looks bad. It looks good in the clip monitor when you pause it and compare the extracted frame (png) to what is "paused" onscreen.

Extracting the same frame from the project monitor also looks bad.

Do I need to setup deinterlace for the project somewhere?

Hi, make sure you use a progressive project profile and the interlaced content will be deinterlaced for the project and monitor output should be 'better'.

I am using 1080p 59.94fps for video which is 1920x1080, 59.96 frame rate, interlaced scanning. It's confusing to me that I should pick a 1080p 60 for this video. Shouldn't there be a 1080i 60 fps?

I use this profile and when I add the video, kdenlive doesn't recommend anything else. I *think* this is ok.

If you want to extract images from the monitors deinterlaced, it appears a 'progressive' project template must be used. 1080p at 59.96 interlaced scanning is not 1080p but 1080i. So you need to make sure that when you look at the project profile settings it says 'progressive' not 'interlaced' for the purposes of extracting images.

Yes you're right there should be a 1080i 60 fps if you want to export interlaced content, which is really the 'best' way to do it if you're using interlaced source files. But that won't help you with extracting deinterlaced frames from the monitors.

I'd not rely on kdenlive recommending anything, choose your project profile or create a custom one based on what you want to output ie: interlaced or progressive, image frame extraction etc.

My project is
HD 1080p 59.94 fps, it is a progressive project.

My video is

The preview in the monitors looks good. When extracting a frame it is a screen grab of an interlaced field, it is not usable for a screenshot..

Confused.. Thanks for the help.

If your source is 1080i at 59.96 fps then a 30p 59.96/1001 progressive project would be required as deinterlacing combines the 2 fields rather than frame doubling?

Are you sure the preview looks good, really signs of interlacing will only be apparent on still frames in areas of motion.

If you look in your clip properties, does MLT / kdenlive report the source as interlaced scanning or progressive?

If it reports progressive you'll need to 'Force Interlaced' and specify field order.

Oh, thanks for clarifying. I'll try that. My source is 1080i 60, and kdenlive reports source as interlaced. I'll play with the new project settings for 30p.

Im shooting in 1080p at 59,96 fps and looking good for me.

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