SOLVED: Audio Sync Problems

I had a devil of a time with audio syncing. I have two machines running Kdenlive. An Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit box and an Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit system. I'm running the latest 7.6 release. Both machines haad the same problem.

I read the instructions about removing Pulse audio, but it did not help.

After some investigation, it appeared that the audio sync problems only occurred when I edited the clips in Kdenlive. I also read somewhere that there is a problem with audio sync with DV format video. The video was shot with a Canon SD750 which produced AVI files.

My solution was to convert the raw footage to another format. I choose MPG. Interestingly enough, I used Kdenlive to do the conversion. As long as the raw footage was not altered, it converted with no sync issues. Once the clips were converted, I was able to cut and edit them in Kdenlive with no problems to produce my final work.

This looks like a bug.

I'm off to non-video projects, and probably won't be checking this forum. If you need more info, contact me at: kden *dot* zenguy *at* spamgourmet *dot* com.


You may want to check this MLT bug :

It's related to audio sync problems with certain MJPEG AVIs observed in Kdenlive.
But it turned out, that the underlying MLT framework has an issue with these files.

Have you tried to play your files with melt (MLT viewer application), maybe enforcing some seek operations ?


I've recently found this problem myself. To be honest I have a feeling this is a codec problem and not a kdenlive specific problem, but I do gotta say the bugs in OS Video Editing are getting to be too much for me. As a semi-professional I try and try and use open source so that I be be able to promote it, but ultimately I have to go back to windows and propitiatory software. 2 Years ago we we having these problems and crashes and I always assumed that around now we'd be looking at OS to be a viable video editing platform. Kdenlive is probably the best OS program out there but I've wasted far too much time and money trying to get this software to work for me. Don't think I don't appreciate it but my Lord have you got alot of bugs to work out.