[Solved] Bug on Resize and Zoom Effect

Good evening every body,

I am encountering an annoying problem with KdenLive 0.7.8 and the effect "Resize and zoom"
(Redimensionner et zoomer in french)

I'll try to upload 2 picture to illustrate,
In fact on the timeline I would like to have my picture at 100% zoom so that it fits the screen, and then zoom in to get a detail of the video.
Using the effect I put 2 time marker on the effect properties with 100% zoom for the first one, X=0 Y=0
And the second marker has X=-1300 Y=-1300 and zoom 500%

Kdenlive is then interpolating from those coordinates and it's bugging there (2 or 3 times for 0,01s each time, in the project monitor and in the rendered video as well.

Here are the screenshots :
Buggy :


Not Buggy :


The original image is a Jpeg, 2816x2112 pixels...

I'm working on the last Kubuntu version (10.10) 32 bits

Thank you for your help.

(maybe there's another way to do the zoom in effect?)


This is a known bug that was fixed in latest MLT v0.6.x releases.
The only workaround is to try slightly changing the parameters especially the size, but there are no particular values to make it just work.

Okay, then I need to try harder!
Thanks for the answer anyway!

Just found an alternative solution :

Use the composite transition and set track to "black" (top right corner)