[SOLVED] Color space problem after some updates (finally : trouble with VLC 2.0 ppa updates)

Hi all,

I'm on XUbuntu 11.10.

Because of MLT trouble, I installed Kdenlive 0.8.2 from

All was OK for few days.

I don't know if this is the trouble origin, but, the last thing I installed was VLC 2.0 (to the new try bluray feature), from

I now get a color space trouble.

When loading a 720p H264 MP4 vidéo, it comes with bad greenish colors.

VLC says : Planar 4:2:0 YUV
Kdenlive properties : ITU-R 709

Kdenlive expert changes only offer : ITU-R 709, ITU-R 601, or SMPTE240M.. no YUV !?

What's the problem ? Any idea on what to do to get back my nice colors ?

Thanks for any kind of help.


I just have the idea to test on an other PC, with older updates (few days, and no VLC 2.0).

On this other machine, the Kdenlive colors are still OK.

The Kdenlive color detection in the clip properties is exactly the same on both machine :
Pixel format : yuv420p (I didn't see it previously, because focusing on the color space line)
Color space :ITU-R 709

Thus, the trouble doesn't come from this color detection.

So, what ?


The 'colorspace' choices are to do with colormatrix.

Try this thread, it may be same problem, j-b-m suggests incompatibility with libav.


OK. I already thought for this. But, I now got a other strong problem...

My libavformat53 is of version 0.8 from VLC 2.0 ppa. When I'm trying to get back version 0.7 from Ubuntu, Synaptic wants to uninstall many apps and libs, including kdenlive ! Downgrade isn't simple !

Perhaps I will try it, but before exploding many things, I want to think of a possible other way to do...


OK, here is the solution :

1) uncheck both VLC 2.0 and Kdenlive 0.8.2 ppa from synaptic
2) remove libavformat53, and all dependencies (bye bye a lot of things)
3) check back kdenlive ppa only
4) install back kdenlive 0.8.2 and all dependencies

Of course, I'm not sure that all I do in many attempts is finally only these few steps, but the idea is there.

The problem certainly came from updates of some libs (libavformat53 only ?) by VLC 2.0 ppa...