[Solved] how to record audio only in kdenlive 0.9?


Kdenlive 0.9 on both Ubuntu 12.04 32bits and on Ubuntu 12.04 64bits.

I want to record audio only in kdenlive to be able to make voice overs (narration) to my video. In the announcement of Kdenlive 0.9 it was mentioned that "audio only recording" was possible, and even when (pre)viewing your project to enable you to exactly time your voice overs.

Audio recording works fine in audacity and a couple of other tools, but I can't select an "audio only" mode/option in the record monitor in kdenlive. I thought I had to select the video4linux option but it doesn't have a "audio only" checkbox and neither have the other recording modes. As options/modes I have firewire, video4linux, screen grab and Blackmagic card.
My video4linux uses ALSA for recording but so does Audacity, which does function.

Is it me or ..?

I downloaded the new 0.9.2 version and now the "audio only" recording is possible under the ffmpeg option.