[SOLVED] kdenlive-0.7 and XVid4

I just played around a bit with kdenlive-0.7 and stumbeld on a problem with XVid4 rendering. When I choose XVid4 in the rendering dialog, I cannot choose a quality- as switching to something different that 200k doesn't change anything in the command that is passed by the programm (which can be seen when the "Info"-Button is clicked). Which other codes than XVid4 it seems to work!
Also there is no progressbar for rendering, or?
I'm running kdenlive on gentoo, builded from source.

XVid4 requires libxvid4 installed and ffmpeg compiled with the propers options:
Upgrade to Kdenlive SVN. You are probably running an old version.
A workaround is to customize rendering dialog and choose the desired options.

I can render XVid4- I just can't set quality parameters (as the seem not to be passed in the command)- so I guess xvid is running ok on my system and also is ffmpeg compiled with xvid support.  I have:
When I create my own profile XVid4 6000k and change 200k to 6000k in the commandline, it works perfectly; it seems that the profiles fpr XVid4 in the version I'm running are just incorrect (they're all set to 200k).
I guess I'll just be waiting for a new ebuild.

This problem was fixed recently in svn: http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=464

Its a good idea to check http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/changelog_page.php once in a while.