[solved²] Missing video effects like 'vertigo' in compiled version

Dear all,

can someone explain to me, where the secret switch is hidden, where I can enable the video effects in my self compiled version?

When I investigate my compiled library modules in lib64/frei0r-1 there is a module 'vertigo.so'. But when I start kdenlive I can't find it.

What do I have to configure, to get these effects?


When you talk about your self compiled version, are you talking about MLT AND Kdenlive?
The Vertigo effect should appear in Kdenlive, so maybe this is a problem in your MLT install.

You can check if MLT found your frei0r effect with something like this:

melt -query effects | grep vertigo

It should list vertigo.

Make sure you don't have several installs of MLT, for example you might have some older MLT packages installed in /usr and your recent compilation in /usr/local. That might cause the problem.

I'm compiling the complete package (I think) with the build-kdenlive script and do the installation in a local dir in the home dir.
After that I start kdenlive with the start-kdenlive script in the installation dir.

The output of melt -query effects can be found in the attachment.

But maybe your are riight, I have in parallel installed kdenlive from packman. Is there a chance to have both without interferences?


Ok, then if you are using the build script, which version of the build script are you using? The version number is at the top of the script file, you can check it by doing:

head -n 25 build-kdenlive.sh

Latest version is version 16, so if you have an older version, first try to upgrade the build script and recompile. Otherwise, you might want to try deleting the Kdenlive config file in $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc and restart Kdenlive.

Great!! Thanks.

The problem was the outdated build-script, I used version 14. After an update and a new recompile the effects are there.
The config file kdenliverc has no influence. Also the parallel installation of the packman package seem to have no influence.

BTW: I recognized that the packman package include additionally the LADSPA modules. Now I'm wondering how I can configure the LADSPA-Support in the build-script?

Anyhow, thank you very much for your quick and competent help.

The missing LADSPA-Support occurred because didn't installed the ladspa-devel package. Mea Culpa.
With an installed devel package I get the full LADSPA-Support.