[SOLVED] moving slideshows

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with kdenlive trying to create a movie made of many slideshows.
I want to display 2 or 3 slideshows (with a quite slow dissolve effect) at the same time and to have them zooming and moving within the frame.
This must happen on a (black) background.

I'm dealing with Composite to achieve this and it works fine except that when I process a zoom on a slideshow, the slideshow does not provide its expected dissolve effect but rather like an 'addition' effect, a white flash occurs between the different pics of the zoomed slideshow. I need to avoid this, but I must be missing somefin'

Thanks in advance for your help, please ask if I'm not clear enough


running 11.04/gnome/kdenlive 0.8

Use the Pan and Zoom effect for the zooming/moving. Then, use the default Dissolve transition for the dissolves.

Okay ddenedy, got it !


huhu hello again

I'm experimenting some new trouble dealing with Pan & Zoom so I added *NOT* to the subject... :)

Now, the slideshows I create with the dissolve feature checked and then Pan & Zoom do a bump (sort of quick zoom in and out) when the next image begins to appear.

The dissolve effect I'm talking about is really the one included in the 'add slideshow clip'

If I uncheck the dissolve feature, everything goes fine with Pan & Zoom 'ing / If I do check dissolve, the slideshow with no effect like Pan & Zoom or Composite, it's okay as well.

I'm working with jpgs all from the same source, all pictures at the same size, frame duration = 25f / dissolve checked = 10 frames, no wipe, nothing else checked, project size is DVD/PAL with default size

Still missing something

Thanks for your help


It sounds like you are trying to combine slideshow clips with the Pan & Zoom effect. That is not going to work very well as you discovered. You need to choose one or the other. If you go with the slideshow clips approach, then use the animation feature in that dialog. Otherwise, you need to place each photo on the timeline as a short clip and then apply Pan and Zoom effects and Dissolve transitions.

Moving back to [SOLVED], I will first create small footages from the slideshows with Videoporama, then return to kdenlive for the rest of the trick...

Thanks for the tips