[SOLVED] Once again "h264 is not supported" - Mint 11


Yes, I can't render in x264 nor Xvid. I have installed Kdenlive from PPA
and have all extras installed. Still, no luck. I will provide all kind of outputs - just tell me what you need to investigate.


try running the config wizard from Kdenlive settings menu, and follow all steps. This dialog does the codec detection... If you still cannot encode to h264, in a terminal:
ffmpeg -formats

and copy paste result

Hmm, then you probably have several installations of MLT or FFmpeg...

Try deleting the Kdenlive config file in $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

And restart Kdenlive.

If that doesn't help, check that you don't have another install of MLT of FFmpeg in /usr/local

How it's possible?

And where should I look for MLT/FFMPEG.

majki@majki-F5N /usr/local $ ls
bin etc games include lib man sbin share src

Ok, sorry I checked on my system and here is the situation:

ffmpeg -formats

lists h264 as available video codec

However, for me in melt, h264 encoding is listed as libx264, which should appear in the config wizard list. It is at the bottom of the list, see picture:

If you don't have that libx264 entry, can you paste the result of:

melt noise: -consumer avformat: vcodec=list

If you have libx264 in the config Wizard, can you copy / paste the encoding params from the render widget (click on the blue (i) icon to see the params when you select h264).

majki@majki-F5N ~ $ melt noise: -consumer avformat: vcodec=list
- asv1
- asv2
- bmp
- dnxhd
- dvvideo
- ffv1
- ffvhuff
- flashsv
- flv
- gif
- h261
- h263
- h263p
- huffyuv
- jpegls
- ljpeg
- mjpeg
- mpeg1video
- mpeg2video
- mpeg4
- msmpeg4v1
- msmpeg4v2
- msmpeg4
- pam
- pbm
- pcx
- pgm
- pgmyuv
- png
- ppm
- qtrle
- rawvideo
- roqvideo
- rv10
- rv20
- sgi
- snow
- svq1
- targa
- tiff
- v210
- wmv1
- wmv2
- zlib
- zmbv
- libschroedinger
- libtheora
- libvpx