[solved] Problem with 60 fps 720p Videos


kdenlive looks like the perfect program for some simple Video Editing.
I've got some GoPro HD Hero Videos. These are recorded with 1280x720 and 59,94 fps. This seems confirmed by mplayer:

VIDEO: [H264] 1280x720 24bpp 59.940 fps 15192.2 kbps (1854.5 kbyte/s)

Now I'm using kdenlive 0.7.8 on my Archlinux machine. When I create a new project with the HD 720p 59,94 profile and import the video, the length of the video is displayed half as long as it currently is.

An example video can be found at http://everto.de/tmp/GOPRO0285.MP4

When I set the Project properties to HD 720p 30 fps, I can add the video and the length is displayed as it should be. Rendering the video gives me a video with 59,94 fps, as it should be. This shouldn't be right, should it? If its a bug I'll file a bug report.

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I am looking into it. Bump the thread if you do not hear back in a few days.

Those files are variable framerate, and Kdenlive can not reliably edit that. You must transcode them prior to using them in Kdenlive (and probably most editors as well).

Interesting, thanks for the hint. How do you see, that they are variable? And how CAN files be variable framerate? I only knew about variable bitrate...

If this is detectable within kdenlive, it would be nice if the program warns the user.

And now its getting crazy.
When I start kdenlive, set the project to 720p 59,94 fps and add my videos, it WORKS!

The only thing I did was a reboot, as I usually use suspend. Strange, maybe it just did not work after some library update.

Thanks for the really fast reply, I'll see if I can reproduce it now.

@ddennedy: what soft would you suggest to transcode ? I have been trying various project configurations but when I render the videos, I don't get the slow motion effect I was expected.

Transcode them to what format?

What's the best input format for kdenlive that can have the same quality as the source clips?

I've got a camera (Canon Powershot) that is, for some reason, encoding everything as: avc1 1280x720 at 23.98fps (audio is sowt stereo at 48kHz, 16b)

The camera native files are the 'best' input format. Transcoding is really a last resort to solve a specific problem.

You mention your Powershot, is that not the fps and resolution you think it should shoot.?

"And how CAN files be variable framerate? I only knew about variable bitrate..."

Me too. Dan - did you really mean variable FRAMErate or did you mean variaible BITrate?

VFR exists, internet search will provide knowledge and tools to convert vfr to cfr.