[solved] QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action

I'm using kdenlive 0.7.8 with mlt 0.7 on AMD-64-Bit-machine with nvidia-card with nvidia driver. All Packages are new and from Packman and Opensuse 11.4 and KDE4. My computer is running well, I am working with this programm since 3 years.


I have a project (DV-PAL-Widescreen) and can draw clips into the timeline. But the i/o-Points are wrong and if I try to stretch the begin/end-Points, that happens, but I can not shift the clips in the timeline. Also: I I point my Pointer at the timeline itself, the cursor-line shifts to the right. If I point at the timeline of the project-monitor, the time is ok. If I try to shift the clips, the hop back, an error-message appears and the terminal-messages in the subject-line appears also (if kdenlive is started from a terminal). The I cannot work anymore.

My second machine is a laptop with the same CPU, the same OS, same GUI, same kdenlive, same mlt, same clip-material, but with an ATI-card with fglrx-driver. On that machine kdenlive runs well.

I checked all packages, wich are evident: all imho ok. I deleted everything named "kdenlive" unter the hidden folder .kde4 to no avail.

What could be the reason for such behavior?



Please use mantis for reporting bugs. We will close this sub-forum soon. (Regard it as closed already.)

And, please post the full error message.


This is the answer:

I created a new project, opened clips and then changed the project-properties. They were at the beginning at HD 1280x720/30fps and the clips are DV 720x576/25fps. So the clips were indexed with the HD-properties.


With a new project first chose the right project-properties, then add clips.


sorry I got my multiple windows confused and posted the wrong thing here. I have removed the wrong post, by changing it to this, since I did not see a "delete" option.