[SOLVED] "Symbol lookup error" for sunab svn packages

I've recently tried to install the latest version of Kdenlive from the sunab svn repository, version 0.8.1+svn20110822.r5837-0ubuntu0~sunab~natty1

When I try to run kdenlive from a terminal, it does not start, and I get the following error:

bv@LUCINDA ~ $ kdenlive
kdenlive: symbol lookup error: kdenlive: undefined symbol: _ZN3Mlt7Profile12set_explicitEi
bv@LUCINDA ~ $

Any ideas?

Running Linux Mint 11 (Ubuntu 11.04 / Natty), 64bit


Found this thread right after posting which gave the necessary hint (I should learn to search properly)

Turns out I had installed kdenlive, libmlt4 and their dependencies, but this did not upgrade libmlt3++, which I had to do manually. Once that was done, kdenlive starts up fine.

-- BV