[solved] UI response is slow in Arch 64


The subject says it: For some reason the responsiveness of Kdenlive's UI starts out bog slow on my 64-bit Arch system. I run the same version (from the build script) on Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian Squeeze systems (32-bit) and see no performance slowdown. So does anyone have any idea why it should be happening on the 64-bit box ?

The latest build is a little better. First-time calls - such as a right-click to Add A Clip - take up to 20 seconds to respond, but afterwards things run smoother, just not as smoothly as on the 32-bit machines.

Btw, Kdenlive gets better all the time. Congratulations on 0.9 !



I'm using arch 64 and I don't have your issue, I'm using and nvidia card with the drivers from nvidia on my desktop
and on my laptop I have an intel gfx chip set and still no issue.

Damn, draco, I was hoping you wouldn't say that. :) Oh well. All my machines have nVidia cards/chipsets, all are using the nVidia drivers. Since only the 64-bit box shows the problem I'll update its video driver, see if it makes any difference.

Thanks to Rui Nuno Capela on the Linux Audio Developers list for this solution to my problem :

[dave@BigBlack ~]$ kdenlive -graphicssystem raster

And suddenly Kdenlive is fast again. I checked my system (Arch64) to see if a value had been set for QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM :

[dave@BigBlack ~]$ echo $QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM